This is where “the past meets the future” for the needy child.  

The people of Garram District and its environs are mostly poor subsistence peasant farmers with little or no government assistance. Though, the community is made up of different religions, mostly Christians of different church denominations, the people are cooperative and live peacefully with one another. They are loyal to constituted authorities: religious or political. Less than 20%of the children in the village attend school and the adult literacy rate is less than 20%. The standard of primary health care has improved due the services of the School’s clinic, for example most mothers are aware of the need for vaccination of their children. However the economic conditions of the people is not encouraging, for only few of them have food security, there are no savings /loan groups, and very few families have any income generating source. The sanitary condition of the people is very poor, as few have latrines and there are no public utilities.

The majority of the households in the community take their water from the three rivers which run through the district, resulting in unsanitary conditions. The most common and deadly diseases in Garram are diarrhea, typhoid, eye infection, skin and/scalp Infection, schistosomiasis and malaria.

The village has a well-developed local leadership. There are youth groups, which form strong football teams /clubs. Most families participate in community activities. Although it is hard for them to contribute financially to a project, they are willing to offer both moral and labor support to projects.
Garram lies 28 km off the federal highways of Jos – Pankshin - Shendam ,and Jos – Panyam-Shendam Roads.

The roads are rough requiring high body built vehicles, preferably four-wheel drive vehicles. However, a trip to.
Garram in the dry season (December to July through Jos – Panyam-Shendam - Chip road), does not require the use of any special vehicle.

Garram is located in a geographically disadvantaged area. The location of Garram Community has made it almost impossible for the people to get good educational facilities and immediate assistance from other health centers. It is always very difficult to find help to attend to medical cases, and the people are often left with three very difficult options:

1. To carry their sick on a stretcher on foot through a distance of over 28Km either ways to Pankshin or Shendam Local Government Headquarters for further medical assistance;

2. Patiently and prayerfully wait on the mercy of the Almighty GOD for some miraculous cures;
To seek the services of traditional unskilled persons.