This is where “the past meets the future” for the needy child.  
Being the only non-profit community development educational and general service institution to the rural communities in Kangke Local Government Area of Plateau State of Nigeria , Garram Chidren's School has since 1995 have been working hard to improve on the pathetic conditions of the over 12,000 people of Garram Community particularly, and that of the over 100,000 people of both Kangke and Pankshin Local Government Areas in general who live in a geographically disadvantaged rural area of Plateau State of Nigeria , Garram Children's School has a two-part focus :
  • Education of needy children who ordinarily would not have been educated. We enable disadvantaged children in Garram and in Plateau State gain back their past glory planed for them by their dead parents and care givers just before their death through free education program. This is where “the past meets the future” for the needy child.
  • Bringing general improvement services to the people in the community of Garram District as our direct beneficiaries and the entire people of both Kangke and Pankshin Local Government Areas and humanity in general. We want to transform our community of Garram and its environs sustainable through programs in four areas:
    EDUCATION: To offer opportunity to the disadvantaged to have a life-long education,
    HEALTH CARE: - To make the benefits of basic and possibly advanced health care available to those who need them,
  • COMMUNITY SERVICES: - To introduce programs and facilities that will meet the essential needs of the people in the community and its environs.
    HUMAN WELFARE: -To meets the compelling needs of especially, the needy and disadvantaged.
    The communities we work with face many problems in their day to day lives, in particular the lack of good Educational and Health Care facilities, water and food.
    This is a project which...
    a) Seeks to eliminate the cases of under-development,
    b) Assists disadvantaged people to attain self-reliance and improve their quality of life,
    c) Involves and stimulates the active participation of the local personnel, resources, and materials,
    d) Provides the skills and training necessary for the development of community leaders to carry out development programs
    Life in Africa is an uphill movement for anyone, but the life of a child is even harder. And hardest is that of orphans and the physically and gender challenged [girls].

  • The socio-economic and politically harsh conditions Nigerians are facing has made it so hard that everything seems to be upside-down economically, socially, politically and otherwise for extended families to educate the less privileged-orphans and the disabled. HOPES, DREAMS, and ASPIRATIONS are often lost for them with their disability and or the lost of their loved ones. These groups are often in extreme poverty. They have no opportunity to lead a long, healthy and productive life. Though, some are talented, their talents are buried completely with the burial of their loved ones.
    Some desperate parents in Garram are wishing to educate their children but unable to afford or gain admission for their children at good schools due to their economic base. In Nigeria, for example, a family must pay a minimum of approximately $150 [ N 18900.00] a year for a good Primary education program [ and for six years the family will require US$ 900.00] .
    While these costs may not seem like much by any developed country standards, they are often enough to Keepgirls out of school or any training opportunity. As a result, when a family is forced to choose between educating a girl or a boy, it is always the girl that will be left at home. Worst still, the needy children (Orphans and the handicapped) have no one to give him or her good education if at all they can be educated.
    At Garram Children’s School, parents pay only USD$63 per year for the education of their children for a service which is obtainable from other for-profit institutions.