This is where “the past meets the future” for the needy child.  
Do you want to get involved with Garram Children’s School and Orphanage?

We shall be happy to work with you. We can use your help!

First and foremost, pray for our work.

Donations and funding for specific projects are always needed. You can select a project from the list of projects set out below that we hope to implement and assist us implement it , provide a scholarship for one or more of our staff, board member to attend an international study course, fund a building or renovation project or make regular monthly contributions to any of our project plans.

Volunteers will bring the much-needed skills to our school/community, sharing their enthusiasm and blessing us with their willingness to work. We need volunteers to train our staff in Education, Health Care and Community Empowerment Programs and other office and grounds work.

Projects which need your assistance to undertake include, but are not restricted to:

• Adult literacy and vocational education
• Alcohol and drug prevention program
• Ambulance for clinic referrals
• Boarding facility/feeding program- including Building of Hostels
• Drill boreholes in 12 communities which host most of our children
• Expansion of clinic facilities including building and renovation of clinic*
• Fencing of the School
• Games equipment and facilities-sports / recreational facilities
• Girls education
• HIV/ AIDS [ anti- stigma , screening and rehabilitation program]
• Internet Facility
• Library- Building and Furnishing
• Partnership development and service of volunteers

* Although services are provided free to the disadvantaged that are registered in the School and the elderly in the community, it is expected that if a good diagnostic laboratory is established, the funds derived therefore would be used for the running of the clinic, thereby reducing its dependency on external sources

Further details of some of these projects is given below
Further Information on Various projects for which we are seeking funds

1) PRIMARY HEALTH CARE - The school has a 10 bed clinic established in 1996/1997 to provide primary health care for the School. It, however, also provides services to the wider community. The school arranges for a medical doctor from the Jos University Teaching Hospital and the Plateau Specialists Hospital to visit the clinic monthly on a private arrangement and as needed to offer additional medical services to the community. This clinic needs to expand to meet the growing demand for its services. The immediate need is to have the clinic well furnished with the basic and necessary diagnostics equipment such as are available in comprehensive health centers (about 200 km from the community).

2) GIRLS’ BASIC EDUCATION PROGRAM - The Girls Basic Education Program consists of two parts. First to enable more girls be educated at Garram Children’s School from primary one to primary six. Second providing continuity from the primary to the secondary section in the same school , under the basic education program of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We want to encourage parents to send their girls to be educated at Garram Children’s School. This will reduce the high illiteracy rate in the community which is both a cause and consequence of poverty and underdevelopment. Literacy provides a means by which people and communities can attain greater control over their destinies. We want to continue this program but have no funds. We would like to work with donors who will support the education of girls in our community.

3) HIV/AIDS AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES EDUCATION AND CONTROL PROGRAM - HIV / AIDS is having a negative impact in Garram Community. Women are more seriously affected than men both in the proportion infected, their roles as caregivers to people living with HIV/AIDS. We have identified some sensitive issues surrounding AIDS, such as the stigmatization of affected and infected persons. We would like to take action on stigmatization through the organization and delivery of workshops and seminars. Furthermore, the following health concerns will be addressed: immunization practices, nutrition, maternal and child health, including, birth control and substance abuse.