This is where “the past meets the future” for the needy child.  


GARRAM CHILDREN’S SCHOOL AND ORPHANAGE was established in 1995 in GARRAM District in Plateau State of Nigeria; Garram District is located in a remote rural area of Kangke LGA. A large proportion of the population of the area lives in poverty, unable to adequately feed, cloth, or educate their children. There is a severe lack of clean water and basic hygiene and good educational institutions.

The motto of the school is:

"Education is life" – This is where “the past meets the future” for the disadvantaged child.

The primary focus of the School is to bring hope to the poor, most neglected, helpless and disadvantaged children in its catchment area regardless of sex, race, religion or political views. The School works strictly in accordance with its pledge of equal opportunity/affirmative action in all its policies. Furthermore we aim to bring general improvements for the benefit of the people of Garram District

About 260 children attend the School of whom 80% are disadvantaged (orphans, handicapped and girls). Although some parents can afford modest fees the majority cannot.
The School is run by a board of 9 unpaid trustees made up of parents and relations of children with disabilities and orphans. The School employs 16 staff and beside the trustees receives voluntary help from the School’s Parent-Teachers Association.

The School is a nongovernmental organization with no funds of its own, which does not enjoy grants from any arm of the government of Nigeria [local, state or federal]. The School, therefore, has to solicit for funds and materials from charitable organizations and humanitarians for the benefit of the disadvantaged children of the Garram Community and its environs. We are tax-exempt in accordance with Decree 104 of 1993 of The Income Management Act of Nigeria by Plateau State Government.
The School has a medical clinic which was established in 1999/2000.